Welcome to the web site of Kent Conservation District! Our mission is to protect and enhance the natural resources of Kent County, Michigan. We accomplish this with voluntary programs available for private landowners in rural and urban areas, such as: habitat restoration assistance, nutrient and pest management plans, the construction of secondary containment and agri-chemical storage facilities, and the development of comprehensive nutrient management plans. Please use the menu at the top of the page to access more information about our programs.

Thank you for your continued support of our Michigan Native Plant Sales. We welcome pictures of your new plantings to share with staff and Facebook friends. Our Spring 2015 sale dates are set as follows:
  • March 27 - Tree and shrub orders due
  • April 18 - Tree and shrub pickup date with extras for Browse N Buy
  • May 6 - Native plant workshop with grower, Vern Stephens
  • May 8 - Native plant preorders due
  • May 16 - Native plant pickup date with extras for Browse N Buy

You can view our Spring 2015 Newsletter, and Annual Report by clicking on the links below.