Invasive Species Control

Kent Conservation District's STRIKE TEAM is preparing for the 2017 spray season! The West Michigan Conservation Network  is a multi-county partnership with the goal of raising awareness about invasive species, preventing new invaders from getting established and giving landowners options for controlling the most aggresive invasive species on their property. 

Thanks to State funding through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program, Kent CD strike team can target new invaders (termed early detection species). These early dectection species like black swallow-wort, jet-bed and chinese yam, can be the most destructive to our natural areas and yet are evaluated as being the most preventable.  Early detection species are eligible for a no-cost treatment.  

For invasive species such as garlic mustard and other out of the box species the strike team can treat but charges $75 an hour. We can serve everyone from suburban homeowners to landowners with acres in the Conservation Reserve Program.  More details on our services is available here.  Call our offices to learn more about this wonderful opportunity for real help on your land.  Please contact us if you have concerns about plants on your property, and if you have a picture, please email  kentstriketeam@gmail.com for real help on your property in Kent County. To increase speed of information exhange we have prepared questions for you in a jot form at https://form.jotform.us/62827016347154  .


Learn more about this plant and the damage it can cause.

Pale and Black Swallow-wort
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